Residential services

I help people simplify, organize and restructure: kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, living spaces, garages and storage areas.

Why? Because a clear space is a clear mind. I help you de-clutter your home and create smart, functional spaces for life, work and play.

> Closets
> Garages/basements/attics
> Estate/garage sales
> Moving and relocation
> Home office
> Single room or entire home
> Space planning and optimization

Business services

I help businesses simplify, organize and restructure: workspaces, showrooms, meeting areas, breakrooms and stockrooms.

Why? Because a clear space is an efficient business. I help you identify inefficiencies and create opportunities to make your workspace more inviting, functional and organized.

> Small/home businesses
> Paper management and workflow
> Space design
> Stockroom and inventory efficiency

Realtors and moving

> Staging/creating visual appeal
> Pack and unpack property for moving
> Step-by-step, hands-on assistance
> Donations and trash removal

Special populations

> Support for the chronically disorganized
> Planning and organizing for seniors
> Help for people with disabilities

In addition...

I'm always happy to help with space design, color choices, lighting and remodeling consulting, too. And if I don't have just the right answer, I know the people who do. Just let me know.



What a great job you did for Belly Down Studios!

The house is much easier to run as we implement the systems you so skillfully helped us set in place.

The office too is up and running and I find my schedule much easier to manage.

As you know we have a large community, diverse and demanding, and organized systems are crucial for success! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!.

Furthermore Clark I found your level of patience and sensitivity around the highly personal process made the whole thing much easier.

Shannon Jeffries,
Portland, Oregon

Restructure LLC    Clark Negen, Portland, Oregon    Phone: (503) 329-4822    Email: