Hi, Clark here. Why do I do this? I'm a natural problem-solver who is focused on creating clarity from chaos.

clark negen

With 20-plus years of experience as a general contractor, logistics coordinator, building inspector and restoration consultant, I have deep familiarity with both the aesthetics and structural needs of any given space.

I've successfully bought and restored a number of Portland homes (each with their own unique challenges) and I've converted them into beautiful, well-organized residences that sold for a profit.

Think you're disorganized? Not a problem. I've seen it all: the kitchen time forgot, the bathroom from another planet and the disaster-area garage. And I've transformed them into attractive, effective spaces -- spaces that add livability and increase the value of a home.


My process

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before and after

My office in the attic had been a storage disaster area for years. I was scattered, unproductive and unmotivated, and I needed industrial-strength help in cleaning out the space and making it work for me...something I doubted was even possible.

Clark helped me weed out the unnecessary items and remake my attic office, practically from scratch. Sorting, removing, cleaning, reorganizing...Clark has a great vision for what a functional space can and should be, and he brought it to life.

Now the entire attic, and especially my work space, has been completelely transformed. No more nasty carpet, bad lighting or disorganization. No more messy piles waiting for attention. Everything has its place.

It really hit home when I finished my first day of work in my amazing new space and turned off the lights, knowing I had a clear mind and I'd be ready to hit the ground running the next day. I'm far more productive than I was before, and for that I am eternally grateful to Clark and Restructure LLC.

-- Noel Franus, Portland, Oregon

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